Egan Budd (xdementia)

I have been listening to noise/industrial since about 1996 and creating experimental and electronic music since roughly 1998. I am the sole person behind the Existence Establishment label created in 2005, the ambient/industrial/noise project Xiphoid Dementia which began in 1999, and my neo-folk accordion project Headstone Brigade. From 2006-2008 I created and maintained Blood Ties WebZine dedicated to strange and aggressive sounds.

I am no longer writing reviews but I do publish a list of my top non-genre specific albums each year. Feel free to send music submissions for consideration but please understand there is no guarantee your music will appear on the list.

Egan Budd
2001 E Yesler Way #36
Seattle, WA 98122

You can contact Egan via email:

*Egan is currently not accepting releases for review.

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