7/29 – Peter J Woods, Lucky Bone, Zerfallt + more!

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The Artists

Peter J Woods (Milwaukee, WI)

Peter J Woods – A Story

Peter J Woods is a musician, playwright and performance artist from Milwaukee, WI. Up until a few years ago, these three areas were kept isolated, performing music under a number of different monikers and with a handful of different bands (Phoned Nil Trio, xALLxFORxTHISx, Raperies (Like Draperies), Coelacanth, Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble, just to name a few), writing short absurdists pieces for a number of different theatre companies (Insurgent Theatre, Pink Banana, Alamo Basement), and doing random bits of street theatre and more structure performance pieces on the side. On top of all of this, he has spent the past eight years promoting DIY experimental arts in Milwaukee under the FTAM productions banner, releasing music from fellow noise musicians and hosting shows across town, including the annual Milwaukee Noise Fest.

For the performances on this tour, Woods will be blending the three areas of expertise previously mentioned, presenting works that sound like harsh noise pieces but look and feel like dark absurdist theatre (think Beckett at full volume). Harsh static blasts and long stretches of silence mix with jarring synth tones to create an unsettling atmosphere while spoken texts give that atmosphere a context rooted within a collective unconscious.

Zerfallt (Central, MA)

Zerfallt – Island of a Poisoned Being

Zerfallt has existed under the midnight sun since 2008. Creating ritual and hypnotic noise to open gates to the spirit realm. Zerfallt is a gate. Zerfallt is a doorway, a dimensional void. Recent themes explored have been Voodoo rituals, Extraterrestrial happenings, Blank realms, Subterranean movements. Recent tools have been tape loops, electronics, multi slo-mo phasing, telephones & dtmf generators.

After some recent vibrational shifts and communications were bounced back, the new direction has seen an upgrade in tools. Reel to reel loops and electronics will be used as means to telepathically link to the extraterrestrial energy.

Lucky Bone (Milwaukee, WI)

Lucky Bone – Bored-Man Blues

Neil Gravander has been making tape music as Lucky Bone since 2006. His early sets consisted of a table full of various cassette, reel to reel, and 8 track tape players, each playing manipulated field recordings or looped samples. These days he has a much simpler approach to his music, rarely using more than two tape players, playing back improvised arrangements of sound and “looping” them by simply pushing the rewind button.

In 2010 he joined forces with fellow weirdos Peter J. Woods and Dan Schierl (Dan of Earth) to form Phoned Nil Trio, which is 3 x weird. He was also awarded the Mary L. Nohl Fellowship for visual art. Under the fellowship, he created a number of video instruments, one of which he will often play live–the Hand-Spun Video Springer, a VCR one plays by spinning the tape reels by hand, creating very unique and bizarre audio and video effects. It is named after the audio-tape player made by the Springer corporation in the 1950’s, without which the VCR may not have been created.

For the show, he will be performing one audio piece consisting of field recordings made during the tour, and two video pieces using the Video Springer–one of which was featured in the 2012 Milwaukee Underground Film Festival. Here is an example of the Video Springer.

Bitchneck (MA/PE/FU)

Bitchneck – Fevers & Carwrecks

Bitchneck is one of the worst names that I have ever seen in my entire life. People talk about bad band names, but “Bitchneck”? I mean, come on. The track begins with this annoying aspect of stopping for a second of silence a few times at the beginning, then goes into some digital kind of stuff and some yelling. He yells the titular line “Death Ought To Be,” then he talks about people evacuating their bowels when they die. Hmmm….
-Joseph Gates, Heathen Harvest

Idle Wounds (Boston, MA)

Idle Wounds is a collaboration project between A. Phelps (Ichorous) and P. Greer (The Tenth Worthy). Idle Wounds is pain and damage. Idle Wounds is a crossbreed of ambient, cut-up harsh noise and power electronics with a focus on dark narrative and surreal themes.

IW will perform an extended cut of “Not Even in Hell” featuring a new second movement.

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