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2/21 – Filth, Gnawed, Xiphoid Dementia + more

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2/21/17 @ The Black Lodge, 9PM

Gnawed (DENTON, TX)
Xiphoid Dementia (Seattle, WA)
Furniture Worship (Seattle, WA)

Flier art by Vladimír Vácovský

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Анатомический Атлас Compilation CS
Looking for one of the best experimental compilations of this year? Анатомический Атлас not only has a great array of artists, but a really compelling and cohesive theme. Great curation and a mandatory acquisition!
Анатомический Атлас means anatomical atlas. Each track covers a certain aspect of medicine with respect to the enlightenment era and the tracks cover HNW, dark ambient, and power electronics. The tracks are sequenced impeccably in such a way that there are two distinct build-ups. The art for this …


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Torture Corpse – Third Human Sacrifice to Samhain lathe

Torture Corpse – Third Human Sacrifice to Samhain lathe
Auris Apothecary
From Auris Apothecary comes a fetid and grim piece of work from Dutch mastermind Torture Corpse in the usually disregarded lathe cut novelty format. Somehow, Torture Corpse managed to edge a surprising amount of depth with this release which features his Buddhist-tinted, pungent HNW approach. The track is pretty straightforward rumbling and cage shaking, laced with some possible guitar elements and a lot of static. Separating the actual track from the poly-carbon surface noise and imperfections is a great …


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11/3 – Pathogens, Xiphoid Dementia, Prisonfood @ Gallery 1412

11/3 | @ Gallery 1412: 1412 18th ave, Seattle, WA 98122 | 9PM | $0-15 Donation
Xiphoid Dementia


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Trepaneringsritualen/Body Cargo – Split LP

TRP/Body Cargo split LP
TRP‘s songs play like b-sides from Perfection and Permanence. It contains two of his ambient works that harkens back to the Martyrium cassette but with the gloss of his success at setting up sparse synth sounds and mortar fire bass drums that peak with a quiet crescendo of ghoulish tact and another more defined track. Having no real idea exactly where “Unclæna Ghast” and “Gravfärd” begins, the listener is left with one continuous distant lawnmower clipping bag of a track that goes on for too …

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Jib Kidder – New Works for Realistic Mixer 2016

Jib Kidder – New Works for Realistic Mixer 2016 CD-r
Care of Editions
Every so often, a record label forms to transform some aspect of the industry, however minute or grand. Care Of Editions‘ shtick is offering a certain number of paid (as in you get paid to download) downloads for every physical copy sold of an album sold. The handy guide in the back tells me that there is a non-linear, inverse relationship between vinyl sales and downloads. The more vinyl sold, the more one is paid because …

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