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Headstone Brigade – Divine Vestiges FREE EP now available!

We would like to introduce Headstone Brigade which is the new folk project of Egan Budd/Xiphoid Dementia with this free downloadable and streaming EP featuring covers and traditional arrangements of folk songs. Headstone Brigade’s sound can be described as neofolk or melodramatic pop with a sea shanty twist due to the main instrument of accordion being featured in almost all tracks. This free EP is a precursor to a full-length which is coming later this year on Brave Mysteries.
Please check out the EP Divine Vestiges over at Headstone Brigade’s bandcamp …

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Regosphere & Vomit Arsonist – An Inquiry Concerning the Indications of Insanity C20

Regosphere & Vomit Arsonist – An Inquiry Concerning the Indications of Insanity C20
Having appeared on a split 7″, An Inquiry… is proper collaboration at last, but alas it is but a short journey. There is some strong evidence these two Andy’s should work together again as the content focuses on a re-visitation of common themes the two artists have explored (cognitive processes, mental health) and the two artists’ styles mesh very well together.
Side A’s “Mechanized Lobotomy” and “Nurse, The Scalpel Please…” are conservatively sculpted blankets of sound that tinker …


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Final Boss – Enforcer CS

Final Boss – Enforcer CS
Sleeping Giant Glossolalia
I recently played a show in Portland, Maine (courtesy of Last Mercy!) with a mostly non-noise oriented crowd. If you’ve ever been in this situations, you know that it can feel very isolating being the only asshole without drums or guitars. Thankfully, I was in good company with three nerds from New York City who call themselves Final Boss. As a live performance, Final Boss played 10-15 minute interludes sessions consisting of modulated tones, harsh waves, and stripped down beat structures …


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Concrete Mascara – History Of Ruin CS

Concrete Mascara – History Of Ruin CS
Trapdoor Tapes
This tape is a thick caloric slab of cranky power electronics. Very hard to consume, but worth your time.
Concrete Mascara has made the work of reviewing this tape difficult by offering a harrowing 45 minutes of nail biting power electronics. There is a certain vastness to this tape that is a little overwhelming. I haven’t heard anything else by this guy, but this release seems like a pretty good cross-section of sounds that offers nice variations in sounds but also …


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Reptile Womb – Thee Fyrste Deathe: Serpent Wrything Beneathe Thee Graeve CD

Reptile Womb – Thee Fyrste Deathe: Serpent Wrything Beneathe Thee Graeve CD
Bestial Burst records
The lacerations which Reptile Womb has foisted upon the listener might be more effectively appreciated if one approaches Thee Fyrste Deathe from a power-electronics perspective. The tools used here are primitive and unpolished. Its true bedroom wizardry lies in the composition making for a remarkably ugly but catchy set of songs.
The closest comparison I can think of to Reptile Womb might be Gnaw Their Tongues. The latter opts for grand entrances, inundation of samples, …


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Coberord – S/T CS

Coberord – S/T
Coberord bandcamp
The pairing of ritual music and the slower register of metal produces some very interesting and imaginative songwriting. The previously mentioned Atarah and groups like Phurpa often recreate heaviness by drafting empty space in between barren landscapes of strings, organic instruments, and other acoustics.
Featuring members of Habsyll and Stille Volk, Coberord sulks in the creepy robe void where ritual and sludge/doom metal fumes converge. This album is a very slow starter. The opening 17 minute track is gratuitously sparse with plinks, croaks, ghoulish screams, …

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