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Black Earth – Diagrams of a Hidden Order mCD

Black Earth – Diagrams of a Hidden Order mCD
Malignant Records
Ambient black metal in this day and age is a far cry from the warped primitive manifestations of Abruptum‘s In Umbra… (RIP Tony), so I really appreciated that Black Earth didn’t go the purely electronic route of flitting evil touches and general “grim” vagaries that adjective oriented artists like. This mCD is a hazy and flagellating test that rewards listeners on multiple levels.
Black Earth‘s bandied color descriptor and geometry cult designs are among the things that make me grimace. …

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Awesome mix from Isabella featuring minimal techno, ambient, and other experimental curation: Truancy Volume 186.


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Starboxxx: E02: Addendum 5″ Lathe

Starboxxx – E02: Addendum 5″ Lathe
Empty Space Collective
This is an awesome little serving of cut-up sound oriented trip hop insanity from mysterious Swedish short player Starboxxx. Primarily focusing on the more musique concrete aspects of sample-based composition, these two modest tracks pack in quite a bit of sustenance. Side one fondues itself in a collection of hard fucking drums and knobby noodlings and side two goes skittish and then spooky warping time and space.
The 5″ lathe format offers two really unique perspectives on this genre of music – …


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2/21 – Filth, Gnawed, Xiphoid Dementia + more

—+++[[[FACEBOOK EVENT]]]+++—

2/21/17 @ The Black Lodge, 9PM

Gnawed (DENTON, TX)
Xiphoid Dementia (Seattle, WA)
Furniture Worship (Seattle, WA)

Flier art by Vladimír Vácovský

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Анатомический Атлас Compilation CS
Looking for one of the best experimental compilations of this year? Анатомический Атлас not only has a great array of artists, but a really compelling and cohesive theme. Great curation and a mandatory acquisition!
Анатомический Атлас means anatomical atlas. Each track covers a certain aspect of medicine with respect to the enlightenment era and the tracks cover HNW, dark ambient, and power electronics. The tracks are sequenced impeccably in such a way that there are two distinct build-ups. The art for this …

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