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Silent Chaos – micro CD-r

Silent Chaos – micro CDr
Bandcamp link
Scottish dark-ambient outfit Silent Chaos hurls five tracks of experimental dark-ambient and hopes listeners will be patient enough to see what sticks to the wall.
There’s very little that coheres Silent Chaos‘ meticulous filtering, EQ-ing, and general attention to detail to the concepts presented in the digipak. The first two tracks – “Odysseus’s Journey” and “Ab Orgenes” – plunge past the ten minute mark. Too much stuff is present. Grueling climbs, oscillating hisses, awkward percussion, resonant filtered crackles, and synth string stabs are stacked much too …


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Atrox Pestis – Hewn By the Hands of the Damned CD

Atrox Pestis – Hewn By the Hands of the Damned CD
Chryptus records
Waste management is the topic for Atrox Pestis‘ most recent ambient project. It attempts to capture the murky haze of the place where our shit goes.
Groups like Desiderri Marginis and Raison d’Etre have been successful by obscuring direction and even melodies, leaving them lurking in drawing out their respective elements with just the right amount of creep. Contemporaries like Husere Grav also accomplish this effectively by layering deceivingly simple ideas into warping currents. I’m not picking alot of this …

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Аргандаб (compilation) – V/A

Аргандаб CSUIS records Link
UIS drops another titillating compilation in less than a year. While their previous compilation covered the higher quality end of death-industrial and harsher landscapes, this one inscribes a bigger sense of mystery and sometimes downright befuddling angle to an interesting them.
To start, I think a Russian label tackling the theme of Afghanistan makes a certain kind of sense even though Cold-War era incursions are over three decades old. I don’t know how much the Mujahadin play into the consciousness of the average Russian, but this compilation seems …

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Jim Haynes – Electrical Injuries LP

Jim Haynes – Electrical Injuries LPAussen Traum records
Jim Haynes was unknown to me until I saw him live. A master at configuring hardware into precise and neurotic movements, Electrical Injuries is a saturated and cold ache of modular sounds and rusted samples.
The sounds on this album are subtle yet forceful prevarication that belie the amount of hard work Jim puts into composing his arrangements. The way these tapestries together might imply the kind of corroding VST manic fitting together normally done on a laptop. A laptop may have very well …


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Best Albums of 2017

I haven’t had nearly the time I wanted to dedicate both to creating and listening to music this year but I did my best – at least with the latter. Out of all that I heard – and there is certainly more I’m already seeing pop-up on other’s year end lists I need to check out – here are my favorites from 2017.

10. Isenordal – Shores of Mourning C60 [ Eternal Warfare ]
FILE UNDER: Cascadian black metal/pagan black metal/gothic metal
Incredible atmospheric black metal album from this Seattle-based metal band. Great …

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