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[20 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade Live @ Litha Cascadia 2022

The amazing folks over at Blue Heron Video were kind enough to put together this wonderful document of the first Headstone Brigade show featuring the full band. Captured at Litha Cascadia 2022 a special 5 day festival celebrating the summer solstice, the set features a mix of songs from the collaboration with Crooked Mouth, the EP “Dark Shadows in Bright Light” and more new yet-unreleased material.

they also released an edit of the singular Integrity cover “Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny” which is also featured in the full set video …

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[4 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Introducing the Headstone Brigade band!

Headstone Brigade has been mostly a solo project with some collaborations over the years. The most recent collaboration with Jeff King has grown into a full band now with the addition of two other musicians who had previously done work with him:

Cello: Jeff King ( Isenordal, Other, Egregor, Thunder Grey Pilgrim )
Accordion/Lead Vocals/Band Leader: Egan Budd ( Xiphoid Dementia )
Guitar: Mitchell Bell ( Thunder Grey Pilgrim, Knifecream, Hanged Man Recordings )
Percussion/Backup Vocals: Bree Sadira Rose ( Other, ex Witch Bottle )

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[4 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Dark Shadows In Bright Light EP Now Available

Presenting the most recent effort from dark accordion folk project Headstone Brigade! Dark Shadows In Bright Light is an EP with five more covers and inspirational songs given the Headstone Brigade treatment.

1. The Foggy Dew (Irish Traditional)
2. Earth Angel (The Platters)
3. Jagged Visions of My True Destiny (Integrity)
4. Forest Families (The Knife)
5. Adagio in G Minor (Tomaso Albinoni)

The EP is available for $1.99 at the Headstone Brigade BandCamp page.


[4 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Enamel Pins Now Available

Enamel pins now available for both Xiphoid Dementia and Headstone Brigade! Included with the purchase of a Xiphoid Dementia pin is a digital copy of Prison of Hope:

You can purchase them on the Xiphoid Dementia BandCamp page.
Included with the Headstone Brigade pin purchase is a digital copy of the new EP Dark Shadows In Bright Light:

You can purchase them on the Headstone Brigade BandCamp page.


[21 May 2022 | No Comment | ]
6/17-6/21 Litha Cascadia 2022

This year’s Litha Cascadia will be host to both Headstone Brigade and Xiphoid Dementia. Headstone Brigade will be performing as a 4 piece featuring cello, guitar, backup vocals and percussion on Sunday afternoon of June 19th. While Xiphoid Dementia will be delivering a full multimedia experience on Monday night June 20th.
For more information visit the Official Litha Cascadia website and grab your tickets now!

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[21 Apr 2022 | No Comment | ]
Black Horizons announced new Headstone Brigade EP

Available June 15th from Black Horizons and digitally via BandCamp.
Dark Shadows In Bright Light is an EP of covers and interpretations which will be available as Side A of a two sided cassette via Black Horizons with side B featuring Headstone Brigade’s 2017 EP of the same ilk Divine Vestiges.

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[20 Mar 2021 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade & Crooked Mouth – Crooked Headstone Now Available!

Two bold voices resounding from deep within the Pacific Northwest darkfolk zeitgeist amalgamate as one on “Crooked Headstone”, the collaborative album between British Columbia’s CROOKED MOUTH and Washington State’s HEADSTONE BRIGADE. For years, each project has toiled alone in a decaying genre, carving singular identities capable of breathing new life through masterful melodies and incredibly dense doses of poignancy.

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[17 Mar 2021 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade & Crooked Mouth – Crooked Headstone Reviews

Now available: https://headstonebrigade.bandcamp.com/album/crooked-headstone
From Sante Sangre:
I, Voidhanger Records surprises us with a folky album which is a rarity among the extreme metal ensemble of the label. Noite “A Cor do Fogo” was a splendid record touching slightly that same musical perimeter, nonetheless Noite is the side-project of the Black Metal project Onirik.
This time, these two outfits share the classical world musical background, traditional folk-rock ignited by the passion for good communal music. If we care to find out idiosyncratic approaches to this style that flooded the underground in the steps …

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[2 Mar 2021 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade & Crooked Mouth “The Sun Sets Behind Us” Video Premiere

Monomer TV premieres the new single and video from the upcoming collaborative album Crooked Headstone by Crooked Mouth & Headstone Brigade.

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[13 Feb 2021 | No Comment | ]
Crooked Mouth & Headstone Brigade “Knife” Video Premiere

Covenant Vancouver premieres the new single and video from the upcoming collaborative album Crooked Headstone by Crooked Mouth & Headstone Brigade.

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