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[1 Nov 2023 | No Comment | ]

Victory & Defeat is a journey through a world in turmoil manifesting itself in 10 songs of unrest, esoterica, and a dark determination with a few promises of peaceful release. Spanning haunting dirges, dark folk, melodramatic pop, and epic swells of faithless calls to the deep; the record is the next chapter in the Headstone Brigade saga. Brought to you by Weregnome Records & Existence Establishment.

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[15 Oct 2023 | No Comment | ]
Samhain Reign – New Single from Headstone Brigade’s Upcoming Album “Victory & Defeat”

Presenting the second single from Headstone Brigade’s upcoming LP Victory & Defeat entitled Samhain Reign.

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[11 Sep 2023 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade – Victory & Defeat Pre-order and First Single

Announcing Headstone Brigade – Victory & Defeat LP & Digital Pre-Order and hear the first single now on our BandCamp!!!!

Victory & Defeat by Headstone Brigade


[18 Oct 2022 | No Comment | ]
VA – Sound Of Stone Now Available

Xiphoid Dementia has an exclusive track featured on Sound of Stone; a mammoth new compilation celebrating 30 years of the legendary label Steinklang Industries! The comp features over 30 tracks of harsh noise, industrial, power electronics and neofolk and is available now in digital format on the Steinklang Industries BandCamp page.

The album also features such artists as Ô Paradis, Iugula Thor, Gnaw Their Tongues, Teatro Satanico, Le Syndikat, Satori and more.

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[4 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Dark Shadows In Bright Light EP Now Available

Presenting the most recent effort from dark accordion folk project Headstone Brigade! Dark Shadows In Bright Light is an EP with five more covers and inspirational songs given the Headstone Brigade treatment.

1. The Foggy Dew (Irish Traditional)
2. Earth Angel (The Platters)
3. Jagged Visions of My True Destiny (Integrity)
4. Forest Families (The Knife)
5. Adagio in G Minor (Tomaso Albinoni)

The EP is available for $1.99 at the Headstone Brigade BandCamp page.

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[4 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Enamel Pins Now Available

Enamel pins now available for both Xiphoid Dementia and Headstone Brigade! Included with the purchase of a Xiphoid Dementia pin is a digital copy of Prison of Hope:

You can purchase them on the Xiphoid Dementia BandCamp page.
Included with the Headstone Brigade pin purchase is a digital copy of the new EP Dark Shadows In Bright Light:

You can purchase them on the Headstone Brigade BandCamp page.

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[20 Mar 2021 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade & Crooked Mouth – Crooked Headstone Now Available!

Two bold voices resounding from deep within the Pacific Northwest darkfolk zeitgeist amalgamate as one on “Crooked Headstone”, the collaborative album between British Columbia’s CROOKED MOUTH and Washington State’s HEADSTONE BRIGADE. For years, each project has toiled alone in a decaying genre, carving singular identities capable of breathing new life through masterful melodies and incredibly dense doses of poignancy.


[7 Aug 2020 | No Comment | ]
Prison of Hope Now Available on BandCamp

Today is the digital release of Prison of Hope The latest effort from Xiphoid Dementia released on vinyl in February 2020 – bandcamp release August 2020 – on Boston based label Divergent Series. Five new tracks of abstract industrial with elements of noise and power electronics. The release sees more exploration in a stripped down semi-rhythmic approach and even some more musical elements here and there. Considered the next phase of evolution for the project.
Very pleased to announce that through the Xiphoid Dementia bandcamp page and shop over $300 has …


[3 Jul 2020 | No Comment | ]
Human Extinction Engine now on BandCamp

Human Extinction Engine the split LP with Bastard Noise is now live on the Xiphoid Dementia BandCamp page.
Originally released on Scry Recordings, Existence Establishment, Terror, and Phage Tapes February 2019. Human Extinction Engine is a split record between the throttling yet textured death industrial of Xiphoid Dementia and the harsh space ambience of Bastard Noise.
Conceptually both artists unite in seeing a world where humans slowly tighten the noose around their own neck through “advancement” and “industry”. Yet each artist reflects this concept in very different ways.
On side A Xiphoid Dementia …


[19 Jun 2020 | No Comment | ]
Subterranean Transmigration now on BandCamp

The Xiphoid Dementia BandCamp page looms ever closer to being completely caught up on the current discography with the latest digital release of Subterranean Transmigration the split CD with Regosphere.
To honor Juneteenth – which marked the abolition of slavery in America – BandCamp will be donating all of their profits today June 19th to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and any sales that are made through either the Xiphoid Dementia BandCamp page or the Headstone Brigade BandCamp page will be donated to the same cause.
Originally released in 2014 on Phage …

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