Prison of Hope Now Available on BandCamp

7 August 2020 xdementia No Comment

Today is the digital release of Prison of Hope The latest effort from Xiphoid Dementia released on vinyl in February 2020 – bandcamp release August 2020 – on Boston based label Divergent Series. Five new tracks of abstract industrial with elements of noise and power electronics. The release sees more exploration in a stripped down semi-rhythmic approach and even some more musical elements here and there. Considered the next phase of evolution for the project.

Very pleased to announce that through the Xiphoid Dementia bandcamp page and shop over $300 has been raised for Black Lives Matter and related charities to date.

For BandCamp day August 7th 2020 any profits made through the Xiphoid Dementia or Headstone Brigade bandcamp pages and online shops will be donated to Represent Justice.

Thank you to all those who supported. This is the prison that’s built on hope. This is the prison that’s built on lies.

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