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1 November 2023 xdementia No Comment

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Victory & Defeat is a journey through a world in turmoil manifesting itself in 10 songs of unrest, esoterica, and a dark determination with a few promises of peaceful release. Spanning haunting dirges, dark folk, melodramatic pop, and epic swells of faithless calls to the deep; the record is the next chapter in the Headstone Brigade saga. Brought to you by Weregnome Records & Existence Establishment.

Side A:

  1. 1. Above Their Dreamless Sleep
  2. 2. Victory & Defeat
  3. 4. Didn’t Give Enough
  4. 5. We Set Sail

Side B:

  1. 6. The Flooded Mausoleum
  2. 7. Coming Forth Yet Unbound
  3. 8. Samhain Reign
  4. 9. Fall of the Colosseum
  5. 10. As Mother To Sun
  • Limited to 230 copies.
  • Professionally duplicated black LPs.
  • Two sided insert.
  • Digital download included.

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