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[15 Aug 2023 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade Announces New Album “Victory & Defeat”

Headstone Brigade & Weregnome Records present “Victory & Defeat”; the new full-length of all new original material from your favorite dark folk n’er do wells. To be released Halloween 2023!!!

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[9 Aug 2023 | No Comment | ]
9/6 – The Infinity Ring, Headstone Brigade + more

September 6th, 2023
Jules Maes Saloon
8PM, $15, 21+
The Infinity Ring
Geist & The Sacred Ensemble
Headstone Brigade
Advance Tickets


[7 Aug 2023 | No Comment | ]
8/23 – Moth Drakula, Xiphoid Dementia + more

August 23rd, 2023
Belltown Yacht Club
8PM, $12, 21+
Moth Drakula
Xiphoid Dementia
In Spite of Dreams
Advance Tickets

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[27 Jun 2023 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade & Cradle Of Judah Summer 2023 West Coast Tour

Headstone Brigade and Cradle of Judah combine forces this July to bring the latest in dark folk atmospheres to the Pacific Northwest and Northern California landscapes.


[14 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
8/6 – Peter J Woods, Sharpwaist, Lucky Bone

((((Facebook Event Listing))))
The Artists

Peter J Woods (Milwaukee, WI)
Peter J Woods – A Story
Peter J Woods is a musician, playwright and performance artist from Milwaukee, WI. Up until a few years ago, these three areas were kept isolated, performing music under a number of different monikers and with a handful of different bands (Phoned Nil Trio, xALLxFORxTHISx, Raperies (Like Draperies), Coelacanth, Peter J Woods Free Jazz Ensemble, just to name a few), writing short absurdists pieces for a number of different theatre companies (Insurgent Theatre, Pink Banana, Alamo Basement), and doing …


[2 Jul 2013 | No Comment | ]
Now Available:  V/A ‎– The Malignant Series / Vol. II: The Black Plague

Introducing the latest effort from Kalpamantra and Malignant Records. The Black Plague is a massive 36 track anthology of some of the best dark ambient and industrial in the world today. The compilation is completely free and is available for download here. The tracklist is as follows:
Part I: Fallout
1 Caul – Lay Your Shadow On The Sundials 4:13
2 False Mirror – The Fall Of Hyperion 6:33
3 Inner Vision Laboratory – Swarm Palace 9:07
4 Troum & Yen Pox – Mnemonic Induction V 12:33
5 Rasalhague & Terra Sancta – Celestial …


[20 Jun 2013 | No Comment | ]
7/16 – Being, Breaking The Will, Hostage Pageant + more

((((Facebook Event Listing))))
The Artists

Being (Dayton, OH)
Being – Untitled (Excerpt)
Being is the harsh noise project of Luke Tandy, who also operates the Skeleton Dust Recordings label. Starting in 2006, the project has been a vessel for exploring the depths of a variety of extreme sounds and frequencies. There is no political or sociological message; just pure sonic worship. It is the sound of an amplified existence.
The performance for the evening will consist of contact microphones, cassette loops and fuzz pedals used together to discover the possibilities of decaying acoustic feedback …


[14 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Milwaukee Noise Fest 2013

Now in its eighth iteration, the Milwaukee Noise Fest returns with a facelift, promising to be bigger, better and noisier than ever. From August 22nd to the 24th, FTAM productions will fill the Miramar theatre with twenty four of North America’s absolute best in controlled (and uncontrolled) dissonance and sound wave hijacking.
While the festival continues to focus on local musicians playing host to twelve of the city’s best noise artists, this year will include an expanded roster of international musicians. Creative commons crusaders and plunderphonics masterminds Negativland – best …


[12 May 2013 | No Comment | ]
Small Cruel Party – An Accident in Substance 3xCD

Small Cruel Party – An Accident in Substance 3xCD
Harbinger Sound
An Accident in Substance is a mammoth 3 disc retrospective of the work of Small Cruel Party representing a wealth of material. For me, it is actually the introduction to this artist who’s name I have heard floating around for years but never had the motivation to really delve into. Well, I’m glad I did because this is some simply intriguing and even at times profound material.
A written introduction in the packaging states that “the music of Small Cruel Party was …


[29 Apr 2013 | No Comment | ]
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Crows Eat the Leviathan’s Carcass CD

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – Crows Eat the Leviathan’s Carcass CD
Release The Bats
One of my favorite projects that I have discovered in recent years; Blue Sabbath Black Cheer present this harrowing full-length comprised of various collected tracks from their more limited releases and a few unreleased tracks as well. If you are not familiar with the project they hail from Seattle and present a barrage of harsh noise and creative industrial that plays out like a more bleak Wolf Eyes.
Due to the fact that this is a collection of …

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