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[4 Nov 2022 | No Comment | ]
New Video for Headstone Brigade’s “Forest Families”

June of 2022 saw the release of Headstone Brigade’s new EP Dark Shadows In Bright Light. The album features five more covers and inspirational songs that have been given the Headstone Brigade treatment. Among them is a cover of The Knife’s Forest Families. To further celebrate the song Headstone Brigade has released a new video for it. The EP is available from the Headstone Brigade BandCamp page.


[18 Oct 2022 | No Comment | ]
VA – Sound Of Stone Now Available

Xiphoid Dementia has an exclusive track featured on Sound of Stone; a mammoth new compilation celebrating 30 years of the legendary label Steinklang Industries! The comp features over 30 tracks of harsh noise, industrial, power electronics and neofolk and is available now in digital format on the Steinklang Industries BandCamp page.

The album also features such artists as Ô Paradis, Iugula Thor, Gnaw Their Tongues, Teatro Satanico, Le Syndikat, Satori and more.


[27 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Xiphoid Dementia Live @ Litha Cascadia

The amazing folks over at Blue Heron Video were kind enough to put together this wonderful document of the most recent Xiphoid Dementia show featuring all unreleased material. Captured at Litha Cascadia 2022 a special 5 day festival celebrating the summer solstice, the set features a mix of songs from various compilations and some material that will appear on the next full-length.

FEATURED, Headstone Brigade, Videos »

[20 Jul 2022 | No Comment | ]
Headstone Brigade Live @ Litha Cascadia 2022

The amazing folks over at Blue Heron Video were kind enough to put together this wonderful document of the first Headstone Brigade show featuring the full band. Captured at Litha Cascadia 2022 a special 5 day festival celebrating the summer solstice, the set features a mix of songs from the collaboration with Crooked Mouth, the EP “Dark Shadows in Bright Light” and more new yet-unreleased material.

they also released an edit of the singular Integrity cover “Jagged Visions Of My True Destiny” which is also featured in the full set video …


[27 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]
Nyodene D – Edenfall CD + Bonus CD (feat. Sektor 304)

Nyodene D – Edenfall CD + Bonus CD (feat. Sektor 304)
Malignant Records
This is the second full-length CD release from this Ohio based death industrial act. If you are not quite familiar with the project yet Nyodene D focuses on repetitive crusty noise reminding me of a combination between Brighter Death Now and old school Grunt.
On Edenfall the influence of Europe After Storm-era Grunt is quite palpable. The most obvious element here is the repeating loops that act as a backbone to each track and then added noise and distorted vocals. …


[3 Nov 2013 | No Comment | ]
12/14 – Blue Sabbath Black Cheer, Kintaan + more

((((Facebook Event Listing))))
The Artists

Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (Seattle, WA)
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer – The Sense of Violence
Blue Sabbath Black Cheer (BSBC) formed in winter 2005, by wm.Rage and Stan Reed, rehearsing after-hours in the Electric Heavyland (R.I.P.) record store in Seattle, Washington, before moving into an all concrete garage in the alley behind the record store, where they rehearsed incessantly for the next 2 years, much to the dismay of the nearby neighbors. In 2007, leaving “The Bog”, rehearsals and recordings then took place for a short time in an …


[23 Oct 2013 | One Comment | ]
Noise Walls Have Become Small


By clemon09
Noise walls have become small, and on it there hoppeth the last man who maketh everything small. His species is inexterminable like that of the ground-flea; the last man liveth longest.
“We have discovered happiness”- say the last men, and blink thereby…
Everything is intrinsically meaningless, but things can be extrinsically more or less meaningless, if not absolutely so. I call this their noisiness.
Social Drift’s somewhat bold idea is that nosiness has become a quality of …


[12 Oct 2013 | No Comment | ]
Shift & Hal Hutchinson – Full Weight of the Opposition 10"EP

Shift & Hal Hutchinson – Full Weight of the Opposition 10″EP
Unsound Recordings
I believe Unsound Recordings is a sublabel of Unrest Productions the label run by Martin of Shift. Shift, having been reviewed here before releases sounds ranging from raging power electronics to minimal harsh noise. Hal Hutchinson however, I am unfamiliar with so this is my first exposure. The packaging here is simple stock with black & white print. Nothing to write home about but a decent presentation.
Pigshit is the first track which takes up all of side A and …


[29 Sep 2013 | No Comment | ]
Secular Hymns Reviews added to the Xiphoid Dementia Press Page

Finally compiled are the enormous amount of reviews that Secular Hymns garnered due to Malignant’s excellent promotion/distribution methods. Check out the Xiphoid Dementia Press page to read them in full.
There’s much more than can be be quoted here but among some highlights are:
This is one more essential release featured on the Malignant Records roster and one more project you have to discover. Terror has never been so delightful! – Sideline Magazine
…incredible sonic brain twisters… brilliant. – Forbidden Magazine
Xiphoid Dementia have effectively turned any preconceived expectations I might have had …


[29 Sep 2013 | No Comment | ]
Herpes Ö Deluxe – Tollerort Organisation Verfügt 7"

Herpes Ö Deluxe – Tollerort Organisation Verfügt 7″
Divergent Series
Divergent Series is a Boston based label (soon to be relocating to San Francisco) from the man behind FRKSE who has been reviewed here before. I’m not familar with Herpes Ö Deluxe but they are said to be “Swiss Legends” from the label. Skepticism set on high as I delve into the tracks.
Well the words of the label could ring no truer because immediately the record impresses with Friester Auf Der Lauer an incredibly weird yet creepy layering of strange sounds culminating …

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