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[21 Dec 2023 | No Comment | ]
Top 23 Albums of 2023

2023 saw an absolute glut of great music so much so that I spent a lot of time rethinking my choices for best albums this year. Lo-fi black metal cemented it’s rise as did dungeon synth as well as a breakthrough of dark folk into more mainstream channels. While wars rage in the world our collective soul is hurting and perhaps the most salient sign of this is the ferocity and force of the music we are creating. So here it is: my top albums of 2023 ALL GENRES, IN …

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[10 Dec 2022 | No Comment | ]
Top 22 Albums of 2022

2022 was a whirlwind of a year for keeping up with new music. There was just a TON of great stuff released, much of which I poured over indecisively. One theory is that this is the time that many albums – presumably recorded while in a 2020 quarantine – are finally seeing the light of day. It does after all, take quite some time for a proper physical record to be manufactured. Wild theories aside, here are the albums I was most thankful to have graced my ears.
22. KMRU & …

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[27 Dec 2021 | No Comment | ]
Top 21 Albums of 2021

My year as a music fan was quite a fruitful one. Sourcing album news and suggestions from mailing lists, friends, the BandCamp feed, and other nefarious back channels that I’ve cultivated for years I really feel like I ran the gamut of releases this year. Although I’m sure there are some essentials I may have missed I’m more than satisfied with the array of excellent albums that saw the light of day this year.

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[26 Dec 2020 | No Comment | ]
Top 20 Albums of 2020

Welp, here we are at the end of what we all pretty much collectively agree is maybe THE shittiest year in modern memory. The year was mostly defined by the covid pandemic and when I came to the full realization of what this would actually mean for us as a society I also realized how there would be some absolute incredible music that would come out of this experience.
Sadly the pandemic has crippled live music events to the point where they are basically nonexistent which means I will not be …

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[30 Dec 2019 | No Comment | ]
Top 10 Albums of 2019

This year was a good year for music and I saw many of my favorite artists releasing very good albums. My honorable mentions list was big this year, so big in fact that I decided to ditch it all together for fear of being so inclusive that it wouldn’t do justice to the top ten that I chose with care to stand a head above the rest.
10. Volahn – El Tigre Del Sur [ Nuclear War Now! Productions / Iron Bonehead Productions ]

El Tigre del …

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[21 Dec 2019 | No Comment | ]
Top 10 Albums of the 2010’s

This was a very difficult list to compile because merely 10 releases over 10 years is extremely limiting. For what criteria do I possibly rate a “best of” for an entire decade?! Do I simply list my most listened to albums?
The criteria I’ve used to choose this is music that shows a big step up for the artist, music that draws the listener in and builds interest over repeated listens, music that pushes the envelope, music that achieves a certain unique atmosphere or mood, and of course music that has …


[28 Dec 2018 | No Comment | ]
Best Albums of 2018

1. V/A – Amplified Humans Festival 2xDVD [ New Forces / Skeleton Dust Recordings ]

I am old, and so this is how I prefer to experience festivals now. Fuck having to buy a plane ticket, travel all the way to a distant city only to spend countless hours holed up in a dingy club. Now I can appreciate the festival sights and sounds, energy and vibes all in the comfort of my living room. This DVD has really incredible quality featuring mixing …


[21 Dec 2017 | No Comment | ]
Best Albums of 2017

I haven’t had nearly the time I wanted to dedicate both to creating and listening to music this year but I did my best – at least with the latter. Out of all that I heard – and there is certainly more I’m already seeing pop-up on other’s year end lists I need to check out – here are my favorites from 2017.

10. Isenordal – Shores of Mourning C60 [ Eternal Warfare ]
FILE UNDER: Cascadian black metal/pagan black metal/gothic metal
Incredible atmospheric black metal album from this Seattle-based metal band. Great …

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