Black Horizons announces Xiphoid Dementia 20th Anniversary Box Set

1 August 2019 xdementia No Comment

Black Horizons is a record label that features an eclectic array of dark-tinged music ranging from noise, power electronics, industrial and black metal always with a little something special. It is the home to no less than 3 cassette box sets of music based on the films of Ingmar Bergman, as well as several records from Jute Gyte and Sutekh Hexen.

Now Black Horizons will also be the label on which will appear Collection of Lost Thoughts, a 3xC64 box set featuring rare tracks, b-sides, compilation tracks, outtakes and unreleased material compiled over the 20 years that Xiphoid Dementia has been active!

Here is a preview of the magnificent artwork the label has designed:

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