Secular Hymns Now Available on BandCamp

1 May 2020 xdementia No Comment

Released as a CD on Malignant Records in 2012 Secular Hymns is the follow up to Xiphoid Dementia’s landmark sophomore offering Might Is Blight. Demonstrating a more refined sound and expanding on stylistic efforts explored in previous releases Secular Hymns is yet another triptych on the dark journey of the project.

From Sideline Magazine:

Moving somewhere in between dark-ambient and industrial-noise “Secular Hymns” is an opus that catches the attention for its impressive arsenal of sounds and noises that have been used. But the main characteristic of the release concerns the global production. The way all the sounds have been mixed and empowered by stereo effects simply is unique. Xiphoid Dementia is a high-tech production where every single sound has its importance and its place. The different noises, field recordings, drones and other electronic manipulations are creating a compact and overwhelming production.

This is one more essential release featured on the Malignant Records roster and one more project you have to discover. Terror has never been so delightful!

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