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7/8 – Regosphere, Neckhold, Zerfallt + more

16 June 2010 xdementia No Comment

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Lavas Magmas:


Rat King


The Dios Project

Typical White Male


The Artists

Regosphere (Portland, OR)

Regosphere began in the winter of 2007 in Portland, OR and is now located in St. Louis, MO. Andrew Quitter mixes death-industrial, electroacoustic drones and muddy tape collages into his own form of anxiety-ridden analog electronics. He has also done the pure harsh noise project Suburbia Melting since 1998 and run the D.I.Y. label DumpsterScore Home Recordings since 2003.

Expect the set to start off with really heavy synths, junk metal loops and vocals. Then it winds down into heavy synth drones with field recordings of a tornado hitting a mall from about two miles from my house. Air raid sirens, cracking lightning, police sirens, pouring rain. The whole bit.

Neckhold (New York, New York)

Neckhold is a raw pedal assault constructed by brothers from Brisbane, Australia now based in New York City. They’re a consuming force of violent harsh noise and play it meticulously rough, hard and sweaty.

Lavas Magmas (Portland, OR)

Lavas Magmas is Luis Gonzalez, who lives and works in Portland, OR, and books shows at Pocket Sandwich/Abyssal Behemoth PDX. Luis grew up in Florida and has been involved with underground music and art, in one way or another, for over ten years, mostly drumming and traveling, but also making videos, prints, and noise. Luis went to college for Physics and Philosophy in Florida and in some ways, Lavas Magmas is a pseudo-philosophical project on the physical force and power of media and man.

Lavas Magmas is a sound and video project. The video content is an assemblage of moments through a particular realm of ideas, such as the terrain that intersects the affects of Advanced Capitalism. The video presentation is always through a kind of brainwashing aesthetic, sometimes hyper cut and repetitious. The sounds are a collage of experiments that involve experimental tunings, found sounds/tapes, the extraction of sounds from metal objects and sculptures, and melodies of finite beauty.

For my set I will be playing synthesizer, guitar, prepared tapes/samples, and a rusted metal sculpture that resembles a globe. I will be also showing a video I created with footage from China, Southeast Asia, the internet and rapid sequences of scanned images of 3-D collages-it is a nonlinear video presentation on Black Friday as a plague of violence, consumption and manipulation, and so accordingly, the aesthetic and processing is nauseating, brainwashing, and overwhelming.

Zerfallt (Somerville, MA)

Zerfallt exists to decompose, living to destroy. Creating horrorscapes out of equal parts sludge and feedback hypnosis. the resulting drones curdle and melt, not unlike an unmade bed of worms, resonating. A chamber of filth in which electronics, synth and tape all await sacrifice.

Finding paramount inspiration in slow decay and phases of the moon, Zerfallt concentrates hymns to the point of oversaturation. When the dawn is swallowed again by the night, hollow spaces fill with undesirable moans. Pulse spectres throb around your feet as you realize there is no doorway back to where you began.

The current live mode is an experiment in suffering. Using rewired octave, phasers and delays, analog synthesizer, and reel-to-reel, Zerfallt aims to worship the creeping fog of ultimate demise.

Typical White Male (Allston, MA)

A working man’s soundtrack or comfort tunes he needs on his way home from shoveling tar into streets overnight.
I am not paying any attention to the fact that you may be listening. A typical white male is not one to create intelligent, often obnoxious walls of frequencies on purpose.
Yet this one is.
Keep trying to conference call on your blackberry with a fire truck and that bro-bar when the celtics are playing.
just kidding. go lay in a dumpster. i don’t give a shit. typical white male is whitehouse meets jack johnson.

some mixtures of frequencies pounding back and forth,
bleeding into a harsh panning of really high freqs ( like the kind that makes you need to clench your eyes and tilt your head)
then a union worker drives his streamroller through the wall and i play that for the next 5 minutes.
i am an asshole asking the people in the audience why they arent somewhere else doing something more important like fighting some cause or masturbating or having kids
depression confusion discomfiture my mic speakers the crowd and myself.

The Dios Project (Portland, ME)

DIOS Project is Derrick Leach. Living on an isolated road near a lake in Maine, The project is focused on fucked up organic sounds, tones and arpeggios. Working with live, improvised looping, he attempts to create mysterious nightmare drones. Inspired by the woods and the loons that live outside his home. He is obsessed with synthesizing his reflections on the forest.

The Dios Project’s set focuses around drones, blown out tapes, feedback and field recordings.

Rat King (Roxbury, MA)

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