8/6 – Black Bloc, Bereft, Heavy Breathing + more

20 July 2011 xdementia One Comment

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The Artists

Black Bloc (Fredonia, NY)

Black Bloc – On The Brink of a New World

Black Bloc has progressed from its original anarcho-crust leanings through forays into anarcho-primitivism and finally this: a raw, emotive style that would make watchers of Fuse TV curl up in a fetal position and wish they were never born. Black Bloc wants to show you his scars–all of them, be they physical (his whole body is tiger-striped with cut marks), mental, or emotional. His sound is like the misery of humanity itself pouring like smog out of the cabinets. You can just visualize the Def Leppard-loving jocks of his youth slamming his head in the door of their pick-up trucks repeatedly while laughing and swilling beer. He passes out his lyrics to everyone in the crowd, the lyrics being just as depressing as the audio smegma issuing forth.

An intense, depressing and/or cathartic heavy electronics set with influence from power electronics, wall noise and drone. Lyric zines are passed to every audience member so there is no mistake, nor escape from the content matter.

Heavy Breathing (Richmond, Virginia)

Heavy Breathing – Severe

Heavy Breathing is hissing, dying industrial electronics getting lost in encroaching modernity. It is the sole effort of Zachary Lee Acosta-Lewis.

A Heavy Breathing performance falls loosely on the power electronics end of the noise spectrum and is vocal and synth heavy. The set usually consists of between one and three constructed “pieces” that are largely contingent upon my perceptions of the general atmosphere of the show. I am not interested in pursuing the tropes of power electronics (confrontation, oppressive frequencies, personal exorcism) for their own sakes- I try and structure my set so that what I am doing resonates in the space in which it is presented. The tension between construction and improvisation produces the most interesting experience for me, as a performer, which is all I can hope to do.

Ageism (Salem, MA)

Ageism is mark johnson. A current response to the last 5 years of his life and recent exposure to modern therapy. A cleansing ritual to move soul forward. Black out everything and embrace the new blood.

Deeply degraded and distorted mic and vocal feedback leading in and out of drum machine blasts as a way to channel the light.

Bereft (MA/PE/FU)

Bereft – Hidden Agenda

Two man death industrial/power electronics attack. Harsh and confrontational. We celebrate the working class and expose the injustices we see. Our heads are shaved for battle.

Bitchneck (MA/PE/FU)

Bitchneck – Your Own Wilderness of Tigers

Like everything great in noise, bitchneck is profound and absurd, deadly serious and glaringly stupid, fucking brilliant and wicked retarded. bitchneck is noun. bitchneck is verb. two-syllables, hard consonant; connotations of sex and violence.

the bitchneck project was conceived in 2007 after years of aimless, formless, boring drones and tape collages. the intent was and is the deft execution of hn/pe songs. no more fucking around.

Bitchneck self-released cassettes in 2008, 09, and 11 were limited, diy affairs. Upcoming bitchneck work is scheduled to be released on EE, Waterpower, and L. White records.

This set will feature two new hn/pe songs built around feedback chains, polysynthetic drones, microphones, and tape-machines. The first is about paralysis and impotence and the places we are forced to go; the second is titled “When the Levee Breaks.”

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  • Bran Ruz said:

    Sounds like a great show.

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