1/7 – Heavy Breathing, Klit + more

19 December 2011 xdementia No Comment

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The Artists

Heavy Breathing (Richmond, Virginia)

Heavy Breathing – Grey Tape

Frigid and oppressive industrial electronics from Richmond, Virginia. Hissing synth scrape, straining frequencies and vitriol for both the willing and unwilling.

A Heavy Breathing performance falls loosely on the power electronics end of the noise spectrum and is vocal and synth heavy. The set usually consists of between one and three constructed “pieces” that are largely contingent upon my perceptions of the general atmosphere of the show. I am not interested in pursuing the tropes of power electronics (confrontation, oppressive frequencies, personal exorcism) for their own sakes- I try and structure my set so that what I am doing resonates in the space in which it is presented. The tension between construction and improvisation produces the most interesting experience for me, as a performer, which is all I can hope to do.

The Vomit Arsonist (Providence, RI)

The Vomit Arsonist – Go Without

**Bitchneck canceled, The Vomit Arsonist featuring Deftly D replaced.

After several years of recording various harsh sounds, The Vomit Arsonist (Andrew Grant) found his calling in the form of death industrial and power electronics. Hailing from Providence, RI, the project exists for the sole purpose of attempting to exorcise personal demons through the medium of harsh and violent sounds. The resulting exorcism manifests itself in a sound that Terror.lt called “…dark, oppressive, carefully constructed, and gushing with depressive aggression.” The Vomit Arsonist represents pain, fear, depression, and any other negative emotion you can think of. You will not escape.

Ichorous (Lowell, MA)

Ichorous – Not Even In Hell

ICHOROUS (EYE-kohr-uhs) is Andy Phelps from Lowell, MA. Formed in 2004, the project has always been about delivering high quality audio brutality with an unwavering dedication to the traditional ideas of Japanese and US harsh noise.

Recently, Ichorous has shifted directions slightly, becoming a more power electronics-oriented project, aiming to combine modern American PE, harsh cut-up microphone work and minimal drone undercurrents. At this stage, Ichorous is delving even further into thematic territory with the addition of written word underpinning the majority of performed and recorded material. Come and witness the perverted rebirth of the Sadistic Noise Attack.

For this live performance, Ichorous, joined by Patrick Greer (The Tenth Worthy), will perform 2 tracks off an upcoming release titled Transgressions in Eros, as well as one extended improvised work melding extreme harsh noise and dark, droning soundforms.

Klit (R’lyeh)

Klit – Web

He was frequently ill as a child, at least some of which was certainly psychosomatic, although he attributed his various ailments to physical causes only. Due to his sickly condition, he barely attended school until he was eight years old, and then was withdrawn after a year. He read voraciously during this period and became especially enamored of chemistry and astronomy. He produced several hectographed publications with a limited circulation beginning in 1899 with The Scientific Gazette. Four years later, he returned to public school at Hope High School. Beginning in his early life, he is believed to have suffered from night terrors, a rare parasomnia disorder; he believed himself to be assaulted at night by horrific “night gaunts.” Much of his later work is thought to have been directly inspired by these terrors. Enough about Lovecraft. KLIT is Hale Macepig and sodomy is birth control.

Planned set: An invocation of Cthulhu and general aural sodomy.

Corpuslce (Somerville, MA)

Corpuscle – Dreams Crushed + Snorted

Is a mind in thrall to a body’s carnality, or does a body bear the burden of a mind’s wantonness? Do thoughts rot away before flesh withers? Will lost passion predict impotence, or does a limp member banish desire? In other words, which goes first, corpus callosum or corpus cavernosum? Corpuscle will perform bilious geriatric electronics.

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