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Lackthrow is a name most unknown to noise fans of today but Andrew Powell has been active and creating noise under several different guises – twit/ch, Internal Empty, A Hymn For Her – since 1990. The project has been alive and hyperactive for many years and time has seen it take many forms from experimental surrealism, or harsh Masonna-influenced cut up noise, to power electronics and back again. Even spanning into weird ambience, synth-pop and cybergrind influences.

With Lackthrow’s Release Existence Establishment strives to present a cohesive collection of works from this underrated artist re-releasing a wealth of material, with the bulk of it having never formally seen the light of day before. Release is a 2 disc set spanning the outer reaches of sound, emotional noise, temper tantrums on tape, carefully edited blasts of noise, unadulterated improvisations, and enigmatic avant garde outings which are evidence of the spasms of an artist always on the edge yet never in the limelight and always searching for something unknown. Featuring material recorded between 1997 and 2009.

Disc I:

  1. acoustic (recreation)
  2. once and lost (remix)
  3. chamber i
  4. you are the exception to no rule
  5. memories are ghosts
  6. beka’s secret (high less layer)
  7. a warm comforting fist punching me in the gut [ Full Track ]
  8. dust catcher (part 1)
  9. make-believe(r)
  10. PERIOD:golden
  11. claw your way out (down the halls) tight mix [ Excerpt ]
  12. the usual aberration
  13. melpomene
  14. intensely living impaired
  15. delve (original version)
  16. bunny in yellow field
  17. starvation
  18. you weren’t buried deep enough (outro)
  19. kimberly part 12
  20. rachel [ Full Track ]
  21. worldsend (lowloungmix)
  22. your new life, my new death
  23. kimberly part 7
  24. home is not where the heart is
  25. Part 35
  26. and
  27. blue dove
  28. trans
  29. lifted beyond the dpeths of her heart
  30. …like another hole in the head
  31. it never passes quickly enough
  32. pandemonium interior part 3

Disc II:

  1. she loves me with vicious love
  2. everything to come is meaningless [ Full Track ]
  3. blue part 5
  4. slowandsteady (the totoise
  5. kimderly part 19
  6. i fall too far
  7. no excuse for love
  8. flower (grindthemicmix)
  9. ravaged by time
  10. SORES (exlusiveREDIT) [ Full Track ]
  11. destroying sex 6
  12. the blue dress (one)
  13. misplaced
  14. styx bouquet
  15. permanently out of homeostasis
  16. sexual disgust
  17. sheseeksfalureforsustenance [ Excerpt ]
  18. part 21
  19. the language of mistakes
  20. lacerated ego
  21. sorrow and rage (entrance)
  22. kimerly part 22
  • Strictly limited to 50 copies.
  • Double CDR with printed artwork directly on disc.
  • Two double sided 11×17″ fold-out posters with lyrics and tracklisting full-color pro-printed.
  • Packaged in a piece of tar-infused copper with disc protectors and full-color artwork.

From Black Audio webzine:

There is nothing more ludicrous than the packaging this 2CDr album provides. Seven inches of tar painted copper plating that provided me with as much entertainment trying to take out the CDr’s as much as it did actually listening to them; if nothing else it made me smile, cut fingers and all.

Andrew Powell’s Lackthrow spews a staggering 54 tracks out over two discs. With a visceral mash of power electronics and cold Industrial waste, that assaults the senses from every angle. Much of this has been heard before and that by no means is an insult in a market as saturated as this project lingers within; if anything, Lackthrow holds its own well.

Let’s be honest now; there aren’t that many releases from the genre that can actually be termed ‘good’. I do raise my hand in admission that PE is one of my guilty pleasures, fully aware that the majority I play now and again is absolute hogwash, requiring little to no talent at all. There are exceptions to the rule however, with Control and Slogun being a prime example of consummate professionalism, providing PE with a purpose and necessary soapbox, where the sounds on offer are clinically executed to devastating effect.

Lackthrow doesn’t achieve the same heights as his peers. Then again many artists of this ilk rarely do; what they do provide however, as in the case of Powell, is an essential insight into B division solidarity.

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