Xiphoid Dementia – Ritual Indexx Vol. II Now Available

31 October 2019 xdementia No Comment

Last week the official Xiphoid Dementia bandcamp page debuted with a new release entitled Ritual Indexx Volume I which is the first of a two part release that features unreleased material and compilation tracks that did not make it onto Collection of Lost Thoughts 3xC64 on Black Horizons released a few months ago. Again, there is no overlap – Ritual Indexx features all it’s own exclusive re-issued material. 

This week the second installation entitled Ritual Indexx Volume II is now available for free. Featuring 2 long tracks the opener Reality Pulse which was featured on a previous Malignant compilation and the closer Abomination which is a remix off an older split release. Sandwiched in between these two monstrosities is Pillar of Lies a collaboration with Gnawed also featured on a previous Malignant compilation.

The bandcamp page will enventually be filled in with many of Xiphoid Dementia’s past releases some more obscure. Eventually it will be fully stocked with merchandise as well.

Go on over to http://xdementia.bandcamp.com and give it a listen.

Ritual Index Volume II full tracklist:

  1. Reality Pulse
  2. Pillar of Lies (feat. Gnawed)
  3. Abomination (remix)


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