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[7 Aug 2015 | No Comment | ]
Charnel House – Voiceless Hymns C70

Charnel House – Voiceless Hymns C70
Auris Apothecary
Voiceless Hymns is essentially a compilation of instrumentalist Adam Sommers’ work before his collaboration with vocalist Priestess Hellfire over two major pieces of music – a Self-Titled album and a split with a band called Agakus. As such, it has all the charm of a demo including inconsistent recording quality, tape machine flaws and other unintended recording artifacts – necessary naivete. So these charming recordings contrast significantly with Charnel House‘s current sound.
The Self Titled side can be divided into two …


[19 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Dieter Müh & Mnem – Atomyriades CD

Dieter Müh & Mnem– Atomyriades CD
Cipher Productions
I was looking forward to hearing this for quite some time before I actually gave it a spin. I have been a Mnem fan for years and enjoy his lo-fi cut-up musique concrete weirdness. Dieter Müh is a name that rings some kind of familiarity bell, but not one to which I actually know the tune. What these two artists have cooked up in collaboration here is hefty album spanning industrial, ambient, and even some kind of electronica influences which can be found …

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