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[1 Jan 2011 | No Comment | ]

*purchase this from the shop*

Massachusetts power electronics heavyweights go head-to-head in the first Volume of the MA/PE/FU series. Fire in the Head is Michael Page the prolific artist also behind Sky Burial and Irukandji who hails from Cape Cod. On Side A FITH offers a fast paced whirlwind of unrelenting noise complemented by ambient interludes, frantic samples, and rhythmic mayhem.
Side B features the forsaken death industrial tinged power electronics of Salem, MA based Bereft. The brothers in arms behind this 2 man operation being Peter Lee of the long-running Force …


[31 Dec 2010 | No Comment | ]
New Distro Items for a New Year

We have a few last minute things in stock in preparation for 2011.

New to the EE shop: T-SHIRTS!
Xiphoid Dementia Might Is Blight *RED on olive green* tshirt
Xiphoid Dementia Might Is Blight *BLACK on olive green* tshirt
Back in stock!
Shift – Sleep Paralysis CD [Freak Animal Productions]
Xiphoid Dementia – In The Land of The Living 4×3″CDR [FTAM]
New items!
Ash Pool – For Which He Plies the Lash LP [Hospital Productions]
Encomiast – Bathed in Sunlight CDR [Crucial Bliss]
Ex.Order – The Law of Heresy CD [Freak Animal Productions]
Gnaw Their Tongues – L’Arrivee de la Terne …


[4 Oct 2010 | No Comment | ]
10/03/2010 – New Distro Items & SALE!!!

There is always a sale going on at Existence Establishment distro! Check out our Bargain Bin for some cheap deals on great tunes, and some not-so-great tunes.
Alexei Borosiv and HEC – Live in Paris CDR [Sickcore]
Anemone Tube – Dream Landscape CDR [Silken Tofu]
Belltone Suicide – E.P. Reissues 2003-2006 [Gilded Throne]
Bradbury – Instant Oblivion CD [DualPLover]
Brandkommando – Patria Socialismo o Meurte! CDR [Sickcore]
Ghost to Falco – Like This Forever CD [Below PDX]
Grand Nord – Quatorze C23 [Brise-cul]
Hobo Cubes – Glass Dream Fusion CDR [Brise-cul]
K11 – Waiting for the Darkness CDR [AFE …


[11 Jul 2010 | No Comment | ]
07/11/10 – New Distro Items

New good shit:
Alan Courtis – Unstringed Guitar & Cymbals CD [Blossoming Noise]
Bereft – Your Messiah Will Fall CDR [BloodLust!]
Clon/Christian Galarreta – Indigencia Tecnológica CDR [Sonora Discs]
IRM – The Cult of The Young Men CD [Annihilvs]
Jarl – Fragile Confrontation CD [Annihilvs]
Josh Lay/Jason Covelli – Split C20 [Husk Records]
Martin Bladh – Study for a Theater of Cruelty CD [Annihilvs]
Mattias Gustafsson – Dod Metall 3″CDR [Husk Records]
Novemthree – From These Ashes 7″ [Midnight Productions]
Plasmic Formations – As The Ground… C30 [Husk Records]
Propergol – GPWS CD [Annihilvs]
Retribution Body – s/t CDR [Self Released]
The Vomit …


[7 Jun 2010 | No Comment | ]
06/07/10 – New Distro Items

New Good Shit:
Burning Star Core – Let’s Play Like Wildcats Do [Hospital Productions]
Cloama – Cloama CD [New Old Sentinal]
Crest – Crest 218/Nova Stereometria Doliorum Vinariorum 2xCDR [Reverse Alignment]
Filivs Macrocosmi – Stalker CD [OMS Records]
Halo Manash – Am Kha Astrie CD [Aural Hypnox]
Law – The Black Lodge CD [Nuit Et Bruillard]
Merzbow – Here CD [L.White Records]
Mortuor – I’m Waiting For You CDR [Syzmic Records]
Murderous Vision – The Times Without Gods CD [Live Bait Recording Foundation]
Per Aspera – Nil Desperandum CD [New Nihilism]
Somnivore & Kivelä – Maelström CDR [New Old Sentinal]
S.T.U.G. 218 …


[5 May 2010 | No Comment | ]
05/05/10 – New Distro Items!

New good shit:
Carlos Giffoni – Adult Life CD [No Fun Productions]
Content Nullity – Rotting Walls of Decaying Sound 3″CDR [Scrape Tapes]
Human Larvae – The Odour of Love 3″CDR [Silken Tofu]
Megaptera – Straing Back At You CD [Malignant Records]
Moljebka Pvlse – Sadalsuud CD [Some Place Else]
Murderous Vision – Ghosts of the Soul Long Lost 2xCD [Live Bait Recording Foundation]
Skm-Etr – The Rugged Meat Cleaver CD [Eibon Records]
Sky Burial – IV: Of Dharma and Drowning 3”CDR [Silken Tofu]

Straight to the Bargain Bin:
DeepKiss270 – DK270 CDR [Unverified Records]
Ginger Leigh – Merchant of Death …


[16 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
03/16/10 – New Distro Items

Sick shit:
Avsky – Silent Decay CDR [Reverse Alignment]
Bleeding Heart Narrative – All That Was Missing We Never had in the World CD [Cold Spring]
Bones of Seabirds – Subterranean Lightsource CDR [Small Doses]
Fear Konstruktor – Preparation for Humanity CDR [Sickcore]
First Human Ferro – Corona Astralis CD [Ukrainian Dark Syndicate]
Inhalant – Save Our Souls CDR [Syzmic]
N. – Life CDR [Dumpsterscore]
Praying For Oblivion – Cathartic Disgorgement CDR [Roil Noise]
Protoplasmic Reversion – Sunken Temples CDR [Reverse Alignment]
Sistrenatus – Magnetic Resonance [Sophisticate Pleasure]
Torturing Nurse/Daruin/Stpocold – Split CDR [Abgvrd]
V/A – The Unforeseen Truth of Perversion 2xCDR …


[1 Mar 2010 | No Comment | ]
03/01/10 – New Distro Items Added!

Cloama & Blutlechte CD [Neuroscan Organisation]
Drone Lebanon/Wertham – Roma Yerushalayim CD [Topheth Prophet]
Navicon Torture Technologies – The Gospels of the Gash 2CD [Malignant]
Nordvargr – Pyrrhula CD [Cold Spring]
Olekranon – Cohesion CD [Self Released]
Prurient – The Black Post Society CD [Cold Spring]
Shift – Bulk CD [Silken Tofu]
Sistrenatus – Sensitive Disturbance CD [Cold Spring]
Strom.ec – Divine Legions Beyond Psyche CD [Malignant]
Talibam! / Wasteland Jazz Unit – Ecstatic Jazz Duos LP [Thor’s Rubber Hammer]

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