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[28 May 2015 | No Comment | ]
Regosphere/Teeth Engraved split C20

Regosphere/Teeth Engraved split C20
Dumpsterscore Recordings
Dumpsterscore is back with another helping of off the beaten path heavy electronics, pairing two Pacific Northwest heavyweights on one C20. Regosphere is well known to this site as his brand of power electronics is a mesmerizing and anxiety-inducing sort, and is documented fairly well on an extensive discography. Teeth Engraved is a mostly death industrial duo that often pursues more dense and timbre-laden pathways to achieve their sound.
On “Panic Architecture”, Regosphere excels in making his sound choices distinct, yet not so self-evident …


[6 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]
Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead Interview

Teeth Engraved With The Names Of The Dead has been around for a while. It’s only recently they have gotten some much deserved shine with their masterful full-length on Malignant Records called “Starving the Fires”.

The two are without a doubt some of the hardest working artists in death industrial. Avoiding the typical tropes and sounds, Teeth Engraved continues to evolve sculpting impenetrable walls of noise pummeled by scrap metal “bovine whirlwind” percussion and vicious vocals.
Please introduce yourselves and how long you’ve been operating as Teeth Engraved.
-Hey dude, …

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