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[19 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]
Ride For Revenge – Disturbances 2XCS

Ride For Revenge – Disturbances 2XCS
Analog Worship
“Disturbances” collects a few tracks of an early Ride For Revenge demo, some live material and a large swath of unreleased tracks. Originally released on CD by Bestial Burst, Analog Worship has committed the compilation to double cassette format in a thoughtful packaging array including a double cassette outer slipcase with some pretty amazing artwork.
If you’re familiar with Ride for Revenge or Mentor’s other projects (Will Over Matter, Womb C, etc.), you’re going to love and appreciate Disturbances, but you probably already know …


[18 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Ichorous/Broken Diode – Malevolence Vol. 1 C24

Ichorous/Broken Diode – Malevolence Vol. 1 C24
Cipher Productions
There’s something about having a tape come in a zip-lock bag that just doesn’t appeal to me. That said the large printed card with artwork on this is still pretty cool. The artwork is blurred, red, almost bloody like a photo from a camera shoved into something’s stomach. It matches the sounds quite well because they are like an evisceration of feedback and distortion.
Ichorous supplying the first wall of assault on this side with a heavy dose of what I …

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