Verdant – Sincerity CD [Existence Establishment]

Verdant is Zach Adams who is also the man behind BKPR the esoteric and obtuse harsh noise project of relative obscurity. With this new work Adams presents a new dimension to noise in the form of quiet power electronics. The work of Verdant focuses on spoken word, secret promises, dusty corners, delicate instruments, and obsolete equipment. In the span of a few tracks Verdant's sound can range from a seething attack of brooding noise and industrial to carefully constructed soundscapes that feel stuck in the attic of an old victorian where even the walls whisper of the things they've seen.

Sincerity opens up a complex inner world of lost loves, silent betrayals, hidden jealousies, and blind grief forcing the listener to stumble in the darkness of a familiar place. The album is limited to 200 copies in a full-color 4 panel digipak.

[ Sample 1 ] [ Sample 2 ] [ Sample 3 ]

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