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[25 Mar 2018 | No Comment | ]
4/16 Husere Grav, Nycterent, Greylock + more

Divergent Series Presents: A Night of Heavy Vibes I

Husere Grav (NC)
Nycterent (ME)
Greylock (Boston)
Gloomseeker (Boston)
\\Support Or Do Not Support//

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[13 Oct 2015 | No Comment | ]
The Unreasonable: Voidstar XXV compilation download!

For download:
Voidstar Productions XXV Year Anniversary Compilation.
Includes tracks from Theologian, Timeghost, Greyscape, Sleep Clinic, Cenotype, Vomit Arsonist, Author And Punisher, Mend, Xiphoid Dimentia, and more for the low price of $10 in celebration of the 25th anniversary fest that happened recently.


[1 May 2015 | No Comment | ]
Private Archive ‎– Honey Aspic Enema C30

Private Archive – Honey Aspic Enema C30
Private Archive
My immediate visceral impression is that Private Archive is going for the particular type of tone and mood that bands like Sleep Chamber have capitalized on: incorporating drugs, sex, and manliness into the salacious din of fuck den synthesizers with some rhythm. It works for some artists when it plays out more like a dirty secret than a porn theater exhibition. Honey Aspic Enema leans more towards the former category.
Let’s get it out of the way: the packaging is kind of …


[19 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Sharpwaist & Waterdogs – Sniffer’s Rash C30

Sharpwaist & Waterdogs – Sniffer’s Rash C30
Breathing Problem Productions
Yea, I’m a little behind on my reviews, have you noticed yet? Don’t even know when this fucker came out, nor do I really care. It’s probably not available anymore so what’s the point of writing this review? I dunno, Carl and Brandon the strapping young lads behind Sharpwaist and the now defunct Waterdogs (yes, Mr. Brandon Terzakis has moved on the greener pastures in the pursuit of artsy-fartsy noise under his own name) gave me this a while ago and I …


[18 Feb 2010 | One Comment | ]
Bitchneck – The Best I Can Do C20

Bitchneck – The Best I Can Do C20
Self Released
Perfect, here is quick cassette of raw heartfelt power electronics from just around the corner! Bitchneck presents 4 new tracks on this C20 (I’m guessing at the length here). Armed with a cavalclade of pedals Bitchneck creates layered compositions of pulsating, grinding, abrasive power electronics with distorted vocals blasts and call-and-response feedback squeals.
Side A consists of three shorter tracks the first two “What do I know” and “Death Ought to Be” probably clocking in around 2-3 minutes each with the third “The …

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