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[17 Sep 2015 | No Comment | ]
Will Over Matter – Visio ja toteutus C45

Will Over Matter – Visio ja toteutus CS
Freak Animal Records
Will Over Matter has been briefly mentioned around here for the fact that the man behind the project plays in the raw and grotesque black metal band Ride For Revenge as well as a number of other projects. Visio ja totetus is an album of discarded innards of patterned minimalism, with a focus on microscopic nuances and shifts.
Repetition is no problem, but there is a fine line between looping on and on til the needle breaks and building out something …


[19 Apr 2015 | No Comment | ]
Ride For Revenge – Disturbances 2XCS

Ride For Revenge – Disturbances 2XCS
Analog Worship
“Disturbances” collects a few tracks of an early Ride For Revenge demo, some live material and a large swath of unreleased tracks. Originally released on CD by Bestial Burst, Analog Worship has committed the compilation to double cassette format in a thoughtful packaging array including a double cassette outer slipcase with some pretty amazing artwork.
If you’re familiar with Ride for Revenge or Mentor’s other projects (Will Over Matter, Womb C, etc.), you’re going to love and appreciate Disturbances, but you probably already know …


[18 Feb 2010 | No Comment | ]
Strom.ec – Divine Legions Beyond Psyche CD

Strom.ec – Divine Legions Beyond Psyche CD
Malginant Records
Divine Legions Beyond Psyche is a testament to the intensity and determination of this legendary Finnish power electronics/industrial project. This vision is so excellently constructed and executed as to be a unique, original and comprehensive body of work. Not to mention, dark, disturbing, innovative, and seriously foreboding. The sounds literally make me feel the tension presented in the relevant concepts, ideas that seem very pertinent to current international tensions and governmental programs especially on that fine line where individual rights are breached. But …

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